In the social area, Elisabetha Randon Institute became the disseminator of social programs and is aimed at developing and implementing educational and cultural actions and programs, promoting inclusion and social transformation. The Institute is one of the anchor-entities of the 2nd edition of Rede Parceria Social, in conjunction with the Department of Justice and Social Development of the State of Rio Grande do Sul. The activity, focused on assisting children and adolescents, funds 13 projects through Lei da Solidariedade (Law of Solidarity).

One of the programs is the Florescer, which prepares children for the exercise of citizenship through an educational proposal. The activities take place in the time opposite to their school term in centers of free and multidisciplinary education. The selection of participants follows the criterion of social vulnerability. The Florescer program has two units installed in Randon Companies and four franchisees in the states of RS, PR and SP. Elisabetha Randon Institute provides the methodology and technology for the Florescer program through social franchising.

The Qualificar program prepares young people for the labor market and is developed in two phases: professional initiation in the metalworking segment, trade and services for students aged 15 to 16 years, and CEP - Centro de Educação Profissional Randon/SENAI that offers technical training. The participants, aged between 15 and 18, begin in the condition of learning minors and, in the next stage, they are guided by a multidisciplinary team of instructors and receive technical training. The graduates of the courses are offered the opportunity to join the workforce of Randon Companies.

Another program developed by the Institute is the SER Voluntário (Being a Volunteer), which aims to stimulate and engage the workforce of Randon Companies to develop volunteer activities with institutions and public schools in the community, thereby exercising citizenship.


In the area of personnel management, the programs developed by Randon Companies offer opportunities for personal and professional growth. The Growing Program provides theoretical and practical training and encouragement to education. The Team Development Program aims to stimulate people's creative potential while maintaining a focus on continuing education, and is based on the Team Performance Model (MDE). The program Appreciation allows the employee to plan his/her professional career from the Skills Management Model. On the other hand, the Here You Can Grow program provides opportunities for professional growth within Randon Companies.

In the welfare area, Randon Companies have, as their central focus, the promotion of the health and safety of its employees: the Handling Life Well Program encourages healthy habits and attitudes among employees and also aims at the integration of their families in educational, social and cultural events. This program is certified by the UN and SESI (Industrial Social Service). Another program is the New Paths that prepares employees to remain economically and socially active after the end of their careers.

|  Cultural Support

Randon Companies have a strong involvement in the cultural area by participating in artistic and cultural projects through the laws encouraging culture. The resources are intended primarily for local and regional initiatives, but have also been allocated to events at the State level. These actions are aligned with the position of responsibility with human development of Randon Companies, one of the pillars which ensure the continuity and sustainability of their business. In supporting different shows and exhibitions, Randon brand name is strengthened as encouraging many different forms of arts.