Creating opportunities, minimizing impacts and managing resources in a sustainable manner.

Randon Companies are pioneers in creating programs that aim to contribute to the sustainability of our planet through attitudes that prioritize the well being of our employees and through a serious and transparent relationship with our shareholders, customers, suppliers and the community. Randon Companies contribute directly to the economic growth of the communities where they operate. In addition, to remain economically viable, Randon Companies invest in technologies which not only ensure y the quality and safety of its products and processes, but also develop many innovations, among which DuraTech® and Castertech.


Castertech Fundição e Tecnologia, established in September 2006, is the newest company of Randon Group and was created to enhance the integration of the supply chain in the group. Located in an area of 7.3 hectares, with 12 thousand square meters, next to the complex of Randon Companies, in the city of Caxias do Sul, Castertech started its production with a production capacity of 30,000 tons / year of nodular cast iron. Of the R$ 117 million that has been invested to put Castertech into operation, R$ 22 million was invested in systems aimed to protect the environment.

Castertech`s production line includes light and heavy castings of five different families of products, cast within a process of absolute environmental zeal.

Sharing the sustainability policy of Randon Companies, which have been awarded the major national and international environmental certifications, the foundry properly disposes of its solid waste in licensed landfills and its effluents into the Effluents Treatment Station of Randon Complex.


DuraTech® Painting System

The DuraTech technology painting system, implemented in the year that Randon celebrated its 60th Anniversary, has marked its path of innovation. DuraTech ® Paint is performed by a modern and automated process consisting of pre-treatment and surface preparation of products and parts, which will later receive the e-coat (primer) and the finish coat (top coat) with the same quality standard used in cars and truck cabs.

The E-coat and Top-coat painting system are the best processes in the world: 98% of the paint is totally used and the emission of solvents is less than 2%. Residues are recycled in the system itself and significantly reduce environmental impacts.