Randon Collection

Exposure through the brand.

Providing visibility to the brand is one of the objectives of Randon Collection, a designer collection made up of clothing items, accessories, and items for personal and professional wear with RANDON brand printed on the items.

The Randon Collection store was opened on February 13th, 2004 and, since then, has brought stakeholders closer, in addition to strengthening the brand.

The store has 23 square meters and is located within the facilities of the Interlagos Industrial Complex of Randon, in Caxias do Sul.

The designer brand participates in Trade Shows and events attended by the Company. Examples of these events are the National Grape Festival, held in Caxias do Sul, RS, and Fenatran, in São Paulo, SP, which is one of the major fairs in the segment of transport material.

The acquisition of the products is not restricted to those connected with the corporation, but are available for visitors, Distributors and the community as well.

Randon Collection also cooperates with social development, since part of the sales proceeds goes to the Florescer Program, which is one of the initiatives promoted by Elisabetha Randon Institute.

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