Randon Companies’ Proving Ground quickly responds to the demands of developing and launching products in the automotive industry. Meeting the needs of all companies of the Group, the structure is located in an area of 87 hectares in Farroupilha, RS, and offers 18 different kinds of testing tracks, totaling 15 kilometers. The project includes also a building of 2000m², which houses the garage for instrumentation and preparation of vehicles, and a laboratory for structural testing, which has a seismic base of 94 m² and seven servo-hydraulic actuators ranging from 5 to 16 tones.

Proving Ground

The tracks allow to test the durability of light vehicles, heavy vehicles, trailers/semi-trailers and their components, such as the friction materials, brake systems, coupling systems, mechanical and pneumatic suspensions used in trucks, trailers/semi-trailers, and specialty vehicles, simulating the actual conditions of roads and cargo. The tracks are for high and low speed, offroad, noise measurement, friction measurement, circular tracks and ramps. Furthermore, there are the following special tracks: cobblestones, Belgian blocks, body twist, chuck holes and pot holes, washboard, and slalom test.

The Proving Ground offers reliability in testing, extra security, standardization, and assessment on special tracks in order to meet the needs of Brazilian and international laws.


Address: Estrada FR 38 - s/n° - CEP: 95180-000 - Linha Palmeiro - Farroupilha - RS

Coordinates: -29.17272, -51.2831529°10'21.8"S 51°16'59.3"W