Integrity Program

The Randon Companies are concerned with building an ethical organizational environment so that everyone carries out their activities based on honesty, transparency, integrity and seriousness and, therefore, reaffirm their commitment to society as a whole.

The Randon Business Integrity Program (ID Randon) represents the continuity in this evolution process of corporate governance, strengthening our values and our principles for the next challenges.

By acting with the commitment to act on the basis of the Code of Ethical Conduct, in a manner consistent with its content, Randon Companies assume the responsibility of taking to responsible instances all situations that may harm the business, its employees or other stakeholders from the company. For this, we rely on the Ethics Channel.

This channel has the objective of receiving internal and external demands, including anonymous, referring to reports of situations that are not in compliance with the ethics and guidelines of Randon Companies. The Ethics Channel can be accessed by telephone, through the telephone number 0800 777 07 68 or through the Internet, through the

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