Board of Directors and Executive Board

Randon S.A. - Implementos e Participações, as the holding company of Randon Companies, has management and corporate governance bodies represented by the Board of Directors, Audit Board, and Executive Board. In addition to coordinating the stakes of Randon Companies, they have the mission of representing and guiding them, optimizing the resources available based on the corporate strategic plan.

Board of Directors

Chairman: Alexandre Randon

Vice-Chairman: Hugo Eurico Irigoyen Ferreira

Board Member: Ruy Lopes Filho

Board Member: Hugo Eurico Irigoyen Ferreira

Board Member: Antônio José de Carvalho

Executive Board

Executive President: David Abramo Randon

Vice Executive President:

Daniel Raul Randon

Executive: Alexandre Randon

Executive: Alexandre Dorival Gazzi

Executive and Investors Relations Director:

Geraldo Santa Catharina

Ownership Breakdown

Estrutura Societária