Randon Implementos Division

Randon S.A. (Road Equipment Division) is the largest manufacturer of trailers and semi-trailers in Latin America and is among the largest ones in the world in this segment. For more than 60 years, Randon has been manufacturing different types of road equipment that include semi-trailers, trailers and truck bodies for grain and dry cargo transportation, tankers, dump products, silos, reefer equipment, products for sugar-cane transportation, forestry equipment, siders and vans, among others. The company has already produced over 300,000 units, thus demonstrating the important role it has played in expanding freight transportation in the country. Randon has also an important market share in the rail wagons sector by manufacturing wagons of the hopper, tank, general cargo, platform types, and others.


In addition to its headquarters in Caxias do Sul (RS), the company has plants in Guarulhos (SP) and in Rosario, Santa Fe Province, Argentina, in a system of supplementary production lines, with total synergy among all manufacturing units in order to be able to serve all markets. In Brazil, service is carried out through a solid network of distributors that are strategically located in more than 70 points in the country. Overseas, the company has been operating for four decades in over 70 countries. To reach different continents, Randon has an international network in 45 locations, in addition to international business offices and CKD assembly units, which design and develop products in compliance with transport local requirements.

Focus on innovation is supported by ongoing investments in technology and generation of new knowledge. One example is the Duratech painting process: chassis are fully immersed in tanks of paint (e-coat painting + top-coat), resulting in a painting process that is similar to that used for cars and truck cabs. Randon is the only trailer manufacturer to offer this competitive edge in Latin America. Innovation has helped the company to achieve important certifications such as ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001

Constantly present in the ranking of Exame/Você S.A. Magazine – Among the 150 Best Companies to Work For in Brazil (seven times), Randon has also stood out in the Corporate Citizenship category due to its social responsibility policy.
Randon Companies celebrated six decades of operation in 2009, a milestone in the history of this conglomerate born in Caxias do Sul through the entrepreneurship of the brothers Raul and Hercílio Randon. The history of the expansion of freight transportation in the country is directly linked to the evolution of Randon in meeting the demands of the segment, creating solutions for the entire chain with products and technological innovations that make Randon a worldwide-recognized player.

Randon São Paulo

Randon Implementos para o Transporte Ltda., located in Guarulhos, SP, has been in operation since 1965. In 2009, the company consolidated its process of modernization and technological development by expanding its production capacity by more than 50%. It updated its manufacturing line for the transportation of beverages and added new production processes, doubling the capacity of its assembly lines for sugar-cane and van products, in addition to increasing the capacity of its new line for siders. Randon Implementos has also begun to manufacture dump truck bodies for application in the mining and civil construction sectors.

The company is strategically positioned, operating in the assembly and finish of its own products. There is also the Modcenter (center of customization of vehicles) located at Ford plant, in São Bernardo do Campo, SP.

Randon Argentina

Randon has been present in the Argentinean market since the 70’s. Randon Argentina was founded in 1994 and, in 1998, the construction of its industrial unit in Alvear, Rosário, Province of Santa Fé, was completed. Randon Argentina was created to be closer to Argentinean customers and to serve this growing market in different types of cargo, especially grains.

In 2005, Randon Argentina intensified the production of general cargo products. In the following year, the company began to assemble general cargo semi-trailers from CKD kits sent from Brazil by Randon. The process, however, was soon nationalized, combining its business strategy and strengthening Randon brand in that country.

Today, Randon products are references in the transportation sector in Argentina and are available in tank, silo, dry cargo, reefer, dump, sugar-cane, forestry, sider and van products. To meet the specific needs of customers, Randon Argentina also develops customized products.

Randon Brantech

Randon Brantech Implementos para o Transporte Ltda. is a result of the acquisition of Folle, a manufacturer of semi-trailers, by Randon S.A. Implementos e Participações, in October 2011.

Headquartered in Chapecó-SC, Randon Brantech produces refrigerated semi-trailers to meet the demand of the region, which is a large producer and processor of poultry meat and pork and their derivatives.

Part of the production of refrigerated semi-trailers, which formerly took place in Caxias do Sul, was transferred to the new company, thus streamlining the market needs process while gaining in logistics, economy and speed. Gradually, the new Unit will absorb the whole process and will become a plant specialized in this segment, capable of meeting the needs of the entire Brazilian market.

The company is aligned with the strategy of allocating investments for the strengthening of specific segments, in regional hubs, thus ensuring greater presence of the Group in Santa Catarina State and in the national market.