Controlled by the holding company Randon Implementos e Participações S.A. Fras-le, which operates within segments aimed at OEMs and the Aftermarket, sells, its products in about 80 countries on five continents. Founded in 1954, Fras-le is a leading manufacturer in the domestic market and has a strong presence in the international market, including warehouses in Argentina and Germany, sales offices in the United States, Mexico, Chile, South Africa and UAE. Currently, the company has plants in Brazil (Caxias do Sul), United States (Pratville) and China (Pinghu).

Fras-le no Mundo
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Its product line comprises over 9,000 part numbers that include brake linings and pads, clutch facings, industrial and specialty products for trucks, buses, semitrailers, cars, industrial machinery, tractors, subways, elevators, oil rigs, airplanes and motorcycles, with active participation from simultaneous engineering processes to the launch of this products in the market.

With a Research and Development Centre, comprised of Chemical, Physical and Pilot Labs, Fras-le was the first manufacturer of friction materials in Brazil to achieve the ISO 9001. It was also the pioneer in Latin America to achieve, in its segment, the international certification for environmental management ISO 1400.

Fras-le ended the year 2010 with a total gross revenue of R$ 694.1 million, up 16.6%, 5% from 2009, and consolidated net income of R$ 48.4 million, an increase of 20.7% over the previous year. Exports were US$ 106.8 million (Fras-le FOB Brazil), up 31.9% from foreign sales in 2009.