Randon Companies

The conglomerate of Randon Companies began in 1949 and currently produces one of the largest product portfolios in the world, in the segment of commercial vehicles focused on road, railroad and off-road transport.

Today, Randon sets a global benchmark for road transport material, has strategic world-class partners and is among the largest private companies in Brazil. It is the leading company in all its segments, exports to all continents and is part of Level 1 Corporate Governance of BOVESPA (São Paulo Stock Exchange).

Veículos e Implementos

Randon Implementos Randon Veículos


Suspensys Fras-le
Master JOST


Randon Consórcios Banco Randon

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The shareholding control of Randon S.a. - Implementos e Participações is exercised by DRAMD Administração e Participações Ltda.
The complex is formed by the companies below:

Randon S.A Implementos e Participações: Produces trailers, semi-trailers and railroad cars.

Randon Implementos para Transporte (SP) e Randon Argentina: Produce trailers and semi-trailers.

Randon Veículos: Produces off-road trucks, forestry equipment and backhoe loaders.

Fras-le: Produces brake linings and brake pads which are part of the brake set.

Master: Produces air brake sets for trucks, buses, micro-buses, and road equipment.

Suspensys: Produces suspension systems and components.

JOST: Produces the articulation and coupling set that links the truck tractor to the trailer/semi-trailer.

Castertech: Produces components in nodular cast iron for Randon Companies.

Randon Consórcios: sells and manages “consórcio” groups (coop-payment plans) to provide customers with a form of acquiring Randon Companies` end products.

Banco Randon: A financial institution that operates in the domestic market and in the development of financial products and services that are attuned to the business of Randon.

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